Frequently Asked Questions

Is Circa 99 film camera reusable?
Yes, our 35mm film camera is reusable. Load, snap and repeat!
How do I load the film?
How do I develop my film?
Where do I get my film developed?
You can get your film developed at any film processing lab near you!
Can I use any 35mm film with Circa 99 film camera?
Yes, our camera is compatible with any 35mm film, however we recommend Circa 400 Film for insta worthy pics.
Can I open the back of the camera once I have loaded it with film?
No, do not open the back of the film camera once there is film in it. Doing so will expose light to the film and can ruin your photos.
How do you turn the flash on?
You will need 1x AA battery for the flash. Insert this at the bottom of the camera and switch your flash button towards the flash symbol ⚡ on the left. Wait for the red light to come on at the top of the camera and you're all good to go!
Note: If you leave flash on, the camera will drain the battery. Don't forget to turn it off when you're not using it. Replace battery if your flash doesn't work.
How do you turn the flash off?
To turn your flash off, switch your flash button towards the non flash symbol 🚫 on the right. Your camera flash will still hold its charge, after you make the switch, take one last photo and then your flash will be deactivated. Happy snapping!